An Exposition of The Divine Names, The Book of Blessed Dionysius


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With this book, the entirety of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Exposition of Pseudo-Dionysius’s book The Divine Names is made available in English for the first time. A full understanding of St. Thomas is possible only with an appreciation for his debt to Neoplatonic authors, Pseudo-Dionysius most of all. That appreciation can now be had by the English-speaking world and—given the status of English as the current universal language (truly a new Latin)— well beyond that world’s confines.

Scholars, historians, and students of St. Thomas also will be pleased to find, on facing pages, the full Latin text of St. Thomas’s Exposition. In addition, this volume contains the full Latin text, with facing English translation, of John Sarrazin’s rendition, out of the ancient Greek, of The Divine Names, the principal translation to which St. Thomas was referring when he composed his commentary.

A careful, line-by-line reading of The Divine Names, the Exposition is also a treasure trove of reflections of St. Thomas to be found nowhere else in his writings. In sum, this book is truly an indispensable addition to the shelves of any serious reader of philosophy, theology, and the history of the West.

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